Where the Demand Creation Marketing Playbook Gets Written

A new client-focused demand marketing program to put your
team on the fast track to results.
Pipeline Made Simple is a unique combination of education, consulting, and coaching services, all supported by a proprietary program and technology platform.

Ronnie Michael

Founder – CEO

As a former burned-out marketing executive, I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own marketing consultancy. However, I quickly learned that despite my intentions of seeking more enjoyment and freedom, I had instead taken on a job that gave me even less of both.

But after four years of hard work and determination, I finally had a breakthrough. I developed a program that consisted of creation & momentum, acceleration & consistency, and expansion & scaling, which allowed my business to grow without my day-to-day involvement. This provided me with the freedom I had been searching for.

I’m proud to offer Pipeline Made Simple, a¬†comprehensive solution for Consulting or Service Businesses looking to achieve growth. I take great satisfaction in knowing that my business is built on helping others do the same.

In today’s information-rich climate, you need a strong demand creation program that includes a clear brand message, irresistible offers, traffic, marketing automation, and someone who can help you do it correctly.

I’m looking forward to the challenge!