Stop guessing with your demand creation and revenue strategy

We equip your team with our proven demand creation program, expert guidance, and marketing automation to bring confidence and credibility to your demand creation and revenue strategy, execution, and measurement.

A proven roadmap
demand creation and revenue results

Your market and buyers are always evolving, and you need a better way to stay relevant and drive results. Pipeline Made Simple gives you access to all the research and intellectual property we’ve used to accelerate revenue growth for 50+ leading B2B Consultants and Business Services companies.

It’s time to stop guessing and start unlocking revenue confidence with our demand creation program.

What to do

Get to what works faster for quicker, more efficient wins

How to implement

Build demand and momentum in your business

How to do it

Equip your team to execute with clarity & confidence

What’s next

Unlock new sales and revenue opportunities

What you get

Implementation & Collaboration

By executing programs for 50+ consultants and professional services companies, we’re uniquely able to customize – brand messaging, milestones, templates, copywriting, campaigns, webinars, and more – so you can get to what works faster. All of this powerful research and experience lives in Pipeline Made Simple.

Introductory overviews of core concepts, demand creation activities, and campaigns foundational to strong marketing strategies. It involves clearly understanding your goals and objectives, target audience and market, competitors, and a solid plan for implementation and ongoing monitoring and adjustments.

Executive summaries of proprietary strategies & outlines to introduce, orient & align your team around key concepts. We keep the ideal client at the center, using data-driven decision-making, collaboration, and teamwork to achieve the common goal.

Processes, best practices & strategies for implementing & executing new frameworks & strategies into your organization. By clear communication, a solid implementation plan, involving the right people, monitoring and adjusting the implementation as needed, and celebrating successes.

Proprietary assignment tracker to provide performance benchmarks.

Our platform has got you covered for all your lead generation and sales needs. You can capture leads with our landing pages, surveys, forms, and calendars. Then, automatically message leads via voicemail, forced calls, SMS, emails, FB Messenger, and more to nurture them. Finally, you can use our built-in tools to schedule appointments, and track analytics to close the deal - all in one platform, no duct-taping required!

Expert Events & Advice

To help you understand your marketing strategy, make adjustments based on your unique reality and performance, and support you along the way, tap into Pipeline Made Simples’ marketing expertise.

Weekly 45-60 minute 1:1 meetings with a Demand Creation & Revenue Strategist to implement each step of the Pipeline Made Simple program and to ask specific questions related to their expertise.

Open, informal opportunities to ask our experts questions on any areas of the Pipeline Made Simple program.

We offer an asynchronous option for addressing inquiries by using Slack as a hosting platform. This allows for easy access and the added benefit of the public and searchable question-and-answer records for future reference.

We provide comprehensive walk-throughs of strategies, frameworks, campaigns, and results, including valuable insights on marketing and sales. These meetings are recorded and are made available to clients through the use of a dedicated Google Docs folder for exclusive access.

In the first 60 days, you will:

Follow our proven roadmap and tap into all the resources you and your team need to implement and thrive with Pipeline Made Simple at your company.

Our program is designed to drive business growth by addressing three key areas: Creation & Momentum, Acceleration & Consistency, and Scaling & Expanding.

We begin by delivering expert guidance on clarifying brand messaging and creating compelling offers to convert browsers into clients.

Next, we employ proven strategies to drive traffic to multi-channel marketing campaigns and automated webinars, creating new qualified sales opportunities and building a robust sales pipeline.

Lastly, we utilize automation to capture and nurture leads throughout the buyer’s journey, enabling clients to scale growth and solidify their sales pipeline.

As a value-add, we also provide access to our CLOSER Framework and Scripts, ensuring a higher rate of success in closing accounts and significantly increasing sales revenue.

1 Perform ideal client messaging and irresistible offer assessments and see immediate conversion gains
What it is
A step-by-step exercise to identify your ideal client and thoroughly understand the problems they're experiencing that you can uniquely solve.
  • Create your unique Storybrand Brandscript based on the seven elements necessary to create compelling copywriting to gain attention.
  • Make your company's message easy to understand and remember. It's about taking all the complicated stuff and breaking it down into one simple sentence that explains what your company does, what problem it solves, and how it'll improve your customers' lives. It's a great way to ensure your message is clear and connects with the people you want to reach.
  • Create your company's value proposition that tells clients what makes it unique and why they should choose you over others. It's a short statement explaining how you will make their life better or solve their problem uniquely.
  • Create Storybrand messaging headlines, sub-headlines, and website content to enhance and improve your website.
  • Develop and create Opt-In lead generator and landing pages.
  • Develop and create Opt-In Email Campaigns.
  • Develop sales scripts, emails, and text, to unify your team and your marketing.
  • Irresistible offer creation.
  • Generate more, better-qualified sales opportunities.
2 Install all demand-creation infrastructure to drive what really sales opportunities
What it is
Documentation outlining demand creation programs that provide insights, examples, and step-by-step processes to drive traffic to your companies top of funnel programs.

- Create automated sales funnels and email campaigns
  • Top of Funnel - Focus on activities that increase brand visibility and let your ideal clients know you exist.(Video, Blog, Post, Email, Ads)
  • Middle of Funnel - Focus on converting visitors into leads.(Webinar, Free Demo, Free Trial, Case Study)
  • Bottom of Funnel - Focus is on a transaction.(Purchase, New Client, Email Nurture, Sales Script)
- Launched a LinkedIn connection campaign utilizing ChatGPT.
- You will have an optimized LinkedIn profile.
- You will experience successful Live events to build demand.
- Record training videos for Youtube and social media posts.
- You will create demand by creating a recorded webinar.
- Create a webinar sales funnel to drive high-quality traffic.
3 Equip your team with technology to attract, track and nurture prospects throughout the sales process.
What it is
Marketing automation that enables you and your team to execute strategies and marketing campaigns while leveraging technology to scale.

  • You will capture leads with landing pages.
  • Create automated sales funnels.
  • Develop automated workflows to ensure outreach and follow-up at scale.
  • You will create surveys, forms, calendars, and more!
  • Implement automated sales and nurturing campaigns via voicemail, forced calls, SMS, emails, FB Messenger, and more!
  • Administer webinar and event registration easily.

Immediate impact

Pipeline Made Simple users have seen immediate results, making moves with greater confidence and better
insight on where to focus and what to do.

But don’t take it from us – hear it from them.

Mike Kritzman

Founder – CEO – SkillNet

I’m so glad that I decided to partner with Ronnie and follow his approach. We immediately got to work on messaging, targeted outreach, and my pipeline quickly grew.

As a small business owner, I’ve been spread thin and even though I wanted more pipeline, I rarely made time for marketing and lead generation, until I hired Ronnie. With Ronnie’s help over the past few months, we’ve constructed a sustainable digital marketing process, generated a dozen qualified leads, and have over $200K in new pipeline as a direct result of his support. 

If you’re like me, you want quality, targeted leads, not a bunch of traffic and busy work. Ronnie’s company name is Pipeline Made Simple, which describes my experience. It’s been simple to build a program that grows our pipeline. Thanks, Ronnie, for making such a fantastic marketing program for my business. I appreciate your partnership and great support.


No more confusion over what to do to create demand for your services. No more relying on the latest marketing tactic. No more guessing. It’s time to start planning, executing, and optimizing with proven programs to provide credibility and confidence.

Tap into all the resources you and your team need to adopt and thrive on your Demand Creation and Revenue journey.

$2000 / mo

Quarterly commitment billed monthly. Or, save 5% by paying upfront.

Unlimited access to all Pipeline Made Simple intellectual property
On-demand access to robust content, resource & template library
1:1 demand creation and revenue strategy sessions with Pipeline Made Simple strategists

Exclusive access to Pipeline Made Simple experts via:

  • Expert Sessions
  • Office Hours
  • Ask Me Anythings
  • Workshops
  • Invite-Only Events & Keynotes